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Hi! On this page and the following pages, you will find some of my Vintage Jewelry Collection, and links to the wonderful sites where I found the jewelry.

I started collecting Vintage Jewelry about 18 months ago, when I first came on the internet. I hope that your visit to these pages will inspire an interest in collecting some vintage pieces for yourself. These pieces are gorgeous, collectible, and have already withstood the test of time. Enjoy! :-)

Pictured above from left (and going clock-wise) are: an Unsigned Crown Stickpin, A Trifari Sterling Crown Pin, A Coro Crown Pin, an Unsigned Sceptor Pin, and an Unsigned Fleur-de-lis Watch Pin dating from about 1890.

All of the above jools (jewelry pieces) were found on the site of a very good friend, Karen Foggin.... The name of her website is "For Your Ears Only ---- jewelry of charm"... You will find a link to her site below.... please visit and tell her that Marcelle sent you. :-)


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