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Ups and Downs of CFIDS

Sep-10-1999 11:14 pm

Hi _______,

Two weeks ago, I wrote a very positive, up-beat sort of message on one of the CFIDS boards... about taking it easy, realizing your boundaries (and stopping 'before' you reach them!), and being 'gentle' with oneself. Haaa! :o)

Two weeks later, I'm barely able to sit in the chair in front of the monitor... soooo very tired... trying to 'distance' myself from the terrible chronic recurrence of the 'worse than usual' aching, sore throat, coughing, hacking, congestion, etc....and only stop when I 'force' myself to get up and go to bed. When you're too tired and hurt too bad to even mention it.... just hoping that no one asks anything of you! Ugh!

What I wonder is... does anyone else forget how terrible the 'down-swings' are, like I do? Sheesh! I can even remember telling my doctor last time that "I don't seem to have the swinging back and forth of the symptoms... they are usually the same, tired, listless, achy mess."

Welp, I 'do' seem to have 'down-swings' after all... and are they dooseys! Does anyone else find themselves in a similar situation? Is it just forgetfulness? Or do we block them out?



And then this subsequent post:

Sep-14-1999 10:36 pm

Hi ____, and All, :-) Thank you, and the others, for validating that I wasn't alone out here in forgetting from one time to another how bad the down-swings are...and sometimes even forgetting that they occur.

In addition to this thanks, I wanted to also suggest that those who experience this phenomena (sp?) might keep this thread in mind the next time they see their doctor. For I just got to thinking "How on earth can the doctor know the many ways this illness affects me, if I don't even remember them, much less tell him about them???!!!"

So, if you make a list about the things you want to discuss with your doctor the next time you visit, ... and if you tend to forget your 'down-swings', ... you might want to make some notes on that list, while you are experiencing them.

Best wishes to all, and I'm finally coming back up again, :-), and hoping that the barometric pressure changes from Floyd across the state, and the outer bands that we're getting, won't adversely affect this improvement! :o)


If you would like to comment on these posts, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be most happy to hear from you! :-)

Thanks! Marcelle

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