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Flower Bracelet and Earrings

Well, I finally did it! Stopped 'thinking and planning' what I wanted to do with some of my jewelry supplies.... and actually made something! (Thanks to motivation from JoolCrafting!) It HAS been awhile. :-D

Below is a Flower Bracelet and Earring Set. I used all glass beads, and gold-filled findings.



UPDATE.... 10/8/2001... I'm learning how to bead! Here is my very first project. I've been admiring the lovely Fairy Garden bracelets made by "Darlynn" for quite awhile, and recently won a bid on one of her bracelet kit auctions. (If you haven't run across her work yet, be sure to check it out! :-D Below is a link to her eBay Store and Auctions.)

Of course Darlynn's are prettier, but I'm pleased with my first try. :-) Also, I experimented some (here and there) with the bracelet, adding some of the other beads I had on hand. Then, after completing the bracelet, I decided to try out a necklace and pair of earrings, too.


Beaded Flower Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings

Note: I decided to use a 'negligee' back on my necklace (negligee dangles shown to right of festoon necklace), instead of the usual clasps, etc. This way, I can adjust the length of the necklace however I want, plus have a pretty 'dangley' hanging down the back! What'cha think? :-)



UPDATE.... 10/13/2001... Another beaded set (my 2nd project... and my own design!). :o) (Note: You can't see the details in this pic, but the blue sections have white beads interspersed for stars.)

God Bless America, Land That I Love

. . . . . . . . . .

"A Patriot Set" - Bracelet and Earrings


Thanks for looking!


Jool Crafting
My thanks to Dwyn and her Jool Crafting List for the motivation that got me busy creating 'something'! :-)

Darlynn's Fairy Garden - eBay Store and Auctions
My thanks to Darlynn (Darla) for her help in my initial beading foray ... and her lovely, inspiring jewelry! :-)